Every December, we host a qualifier for our region called Robo-Joust. We love talking to other teams to learn about their progress so far in the season. This qualifier is our way of giving back to the FIRST community. It was a lot of fun and we hope to see you all next year!
We recently qualified for the FTC World Championships by winning the Think Award at FTC East Super-Regionals! We also placed 7th in the Tesla Division at the event. We couldn’t have done it without the support from our coaches, mentors, and school, Livingston High School. We also would like to congratulate our friends, i2robotics and Millburn Robotics on their advancement to the World Championship!
We also invite local community leaders to observe our team firsthand. We show them our robot and our work ethic, and also invite them to competitions. It is our goal to spread and integrate STEM and FIRST values into our community as a whole, and create recognition for the FIRST Community.

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We would like to thank our high school, Livingston High School, for always supporting us. We often make use of their faculties and are proud to be Livingston Lancers!
We are a proud team in the FIRST Tech Challenge. Each year, collaborative groups are given a challenge that includes opponents, scoring, and rules to limit the structure of our robot. It is a truly fun-ducational choice!

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Good Luck!

From our entire team, we wish you good luck in the upcoming season! We are looking forward to Cascade Effect and hope to see you at the next qualifiers! And above all, always remember to have fun!

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